Confession: I’ve got headboard envy

I’ve had headboard envy for a little while now.   Mostly because we don’t have one.

When we got married, we were gifted a Queen sized bed, but have never purchased a bed frame for it.  For the last year and a half, we have been sleeping on the box spring and mattress… which is functional, but not that pretty.   We want to hold off buying a bed frame, as we are pretty intent on buying a King Sized bed in the near future.  (I’m a total bed hog.  It will be necessary for the sake of our marriage.)

In the meantime, I’d like to find a solution that looks pretty, but doesn’t break the bank. Here are some of my faves:


…this glorious West Elm upholstered headboard

…this beautiful DIY headboard by Centsational Girl

… this simple Victoria Natural Fabric Headboard

…and of course, the fabulous stenciled headboard by Infarrantly Creative

I don’t think I could do a crazy stenciled fabric, or even anything more than a rectangle (because I don’t know how to use/am afraid of using a saw), but I do think I could something more simple.  There are so many DIY tutorials online, that I’m sure I could make something without screwing it up too bad.  (Famous last words…)

Whaddya think?  Have you made something similar?  Any tips?


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7 responses to “Confession: I’ve got headboard envy

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